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A2Flag: Designing a new Ann Arbor flag

On March 20, 2023, the Ann Arbor City Council unanimously approved a resolution asserting that “a redesigned flag could benefit the community.” That resolution directs a re-design of the City flag for the purpose of bringing “joy to the community, unifying its members and instilling civic pride.” The Ann Arbor Public Art Commission will be developing an official project plan for a new Ann Arbor city flag, including a public engagement process.

This website is an unofficial effort towards engaging our community!

How would you improve the current flag?

What would you put on a new flag?

Submit your own ideas to for publication on this site! Check back often for new flag designs – and for updates on the official design process.

A2Flag: Designing a new Ann Arbor flag

The official flag of

BREAKING NEWS: Design Finalists Announced

On May 29, 2024, the City of Ann Arbor announced five finalists in the contest to design a new flag. An online form will be open until June 28, 2024 for the public to vote for their favorite design.

Click here for more information, including pictures of the finalists, and a link to vote for your favorite design.

While the public has the opportunity to participate, Mayor Christopher Taylor and a panel of judges will ultimately determine the winning entry.

Ann Arbor Flag Design Contest Finalists

The Current Ann Arbor City Flag

The current Ann Arbor city flag is defined by ordinance as “a rectangle having a height-to-width ration of 3:5, that is white, with 3 horizontal yellow stripes separated by 2 white stripes of equal width horizontally across the center third of the rectangle, with the city seal centered vertically and horizontally in the left half of the rectangle and covering the stripes”.

For more history, please read this excellent MLive article written by Ryan Stanton: The long history of Ann Arbor’s city flag, which once went to outer space


Gallery of Community Submissions

YOU CAN PARTICIPATE! Do you have an idea for a new Ann Arbor city flag? The gallery on this website is open to submissions: digital, drawn, cut/pasted, however you can make it. We also have artists in-house who are willing to conjure any ideas you might have if you can describe it.

Submit your own ideas to for publication on this site! Note: we will not publish submissions that are threatening or discriminatory.

Latest Updates About the New Ann Arbor City Flag

Welcome to

The Ann Arbor City flag is a symbol for where we live. As City Hall considers changes, there is an opportunity for residents to contemplate where we’ve been, who we are, and where we’re going as a community.

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